Second Generation Master Dowser and author of books on megaliths, 
earth energies and ley lines. 

Maria Wheatley

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Maria's main web sites are and

You can contact me by email on or you can call me on my landline at International 441672511427 or if you are in the UK 01672 511427.

Here is a brief introduction to what I do.

Maria is a second-generation dowser who is a leading authority on the geodetic system of earth energies. She was taught how to decode and divine the land by her late father, Dennis Wheatley, who was considered to be one of the UKs top Master Dowsers. 

Maria leads sacred site tours and dowsing tours - small groups, private 1-2-1, or larger groups are all welcome to sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Ireland, Scotland, France, Egypt with Kerry Cassidy, Malta and Prague 

Maria also runs dowsing workshops throughout the year  and  Maria teaches Egyptian Pendulum Dowsing for healing, land energy clearing work and house clearing.  Look at her pendulum courses at 

Maria also offer educational certificated tours for those interested in dowsing techniques that are not taught anywhere else in the world. I was taught dowsing by a European master Dowser and Chinese Geomants and I blend eastern philosophy with Western wisdom. Click here for details   I also run introduction and advanced dowsing courses at 

Maria is an accomplished author of books on sacred sites and dowsing. She has researched the esoteric design canons of prehistoric sites, Druidic ceremonial enclosures and the Knights Templar for many years. Maria has studied Neolithic Britain and Bronze Age prehistory with the University of Bath and alongside other professionals, Maria combines her knowledge of archaeology, and earth energies with state of the art equipment to locate and detect the hidden frequencies that the Earth emits. Believing in the Earth Force or dowsing is simply not enough for Maria, she wants to show the world that the prehistoric designers of ancient sites could locate and harness earth energy. Her findings challenge our understanding of sacred sites. 


Using dowsing Maria discovered the Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge. This led to the remarkable untold history of Stonehenge and a Neolithic High Queen. Get a copy of this book at 

Maria has lectured and given workshops in America and Europe and has also appeared on the History Channel - she managed to get several of the participants who had never before held a dowsing rod - to successfully detect ley lines at Stonehenge.

Maria has worked alongside Dolores Cannon and many international authors.

Cosmologist, healer and author of HOPE Dr Jude Currivan endorsed and has this to say:

In the mid 1990s, I was very fortunate to be introduced to and guided in the art of dowsing by the great master dowser Dennis Wheatley. Dennis's enormous knowledge, straight-forward approach, easy companionship and willingness to answer all my questions(!) made him the perfect teacher. I'm delighted that his daughter Maria now continues the family tradition of sharing this wonderfully valuable art and science with the world.

Maria's vision is to apply ancient wisdom to a modern generation. Imagine for one moment if we could integrate the Earth's healing and harmonic energies into hospitals, care homes, and schools. Another example, one global grid system is said to enhance our powers of communication and so Medieval Masons placed the pulpits of old churches on this grid line. If we could incorporate this energy into the classrooms of dyslexic and autistic children or those suffering with speech problems I am sure we would see a vast improvement. Living in harmony with the Earth's subtle frequencies is beneficial for all.

Together we can change the world and create Heaven On Earth.

In the late 1980s, Maria studied astrology and tarot and during the 1990s turned her attention to hypnotherapy, past life regression and reflexology. She has taught complimentary medicine for Swindon College for over 15 years. She has also written holistic diploma courses for private colleges and runs which offers certificated courses on holistic subjects. 

Maria teaches certificated courses in Dowsing, Tarot, Past Life Regression and Druidic Soul Star Astrology. Her course material is not taught anywhere else in the world and they are a combination of course material accompanied with a Skype lesson to ensure professional and personal tuition. Maria also offers full Skype courses which are popular. is fully affiliated with the Association of British Correspondence Colleges.  

Maria has been reading tarot cards for over 30 years. She reads for authors in the USA and Europe. 

Maria also House Clears and offers Druidic Soul Star readings, which converts your birth chart into a six-pointed star which reveals your past lives and spiritual heritage.To book a reading or house clearing email

Maria has her book on Druidic Soul Star Astrology published by Ozark Mountain Publishing, the publishing house of the late Dolores Cannon. Her courses are about to go onto the Cannon University.

Druidic Soul Star Astrology which explores your most significant past lives by transforming your birth chart into a six pointed star. The late and great Dolores Cannon, the world's foremost past life regression therapist and school, is about to publish this book.

Maria does house readings, tarot readings and Soul Star readings on her website

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